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Quant Conferences – or quantitative investment conferences – attract some of the world’s brightest minds.

Our Global Directory of Quant Conferences is designed to enable you to to quickly identify the leading quant events in your region. These quantitative investment conferences are likely to be of interest to quant managers and analysts, risk managers, asset managers and institutional investors around the world.

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The “Quant” classification covers a wide variety of topics. Many quants are involved in creating strategies to generate alpha – or developing smart beta and factor investing strategies. Some are more focused on risk management, portfolio construction and optimization. Or performance attribution analysis. Others run index funds. Many are involved in derivatives strategies and pricing. An increasing number are focussed on “big data” applications.

Within the Quant Conferences database, conferences on risk management are particularly popular, including those which examine portfolio optimisation. Also popular are a number of indexing conferences, and those which examine quant technologies, strategies for generating alpha, performance measurement and the pricing of derivatives. These conferences are primarily aimed at quant analysts, quantitative investment managers, and investors who make use of quant products.

Conference organisers for some of the more popular quant events throughout the year include ICBI, Terrapinn, Incisive Media and IMN.

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