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Our directory of asset allocation conferences and investment strategy events enables asset allocators, investment strategists and fund managers to identify events which will meet their needs.

The conferences directory is powered by Savvy Investor, the world’s leading research hub for asset allocators and institutional investors.

Asset allocation events often explore both strategic and tactical asset allocation (SAA and TAA). These events often consider not just the current investment outlook, but also the longer-term arguments for real assets and other alternative investments, such as hedge funds and private equity. Some events will give more time to aspects of portfolio risk, or broader portfolio considerations such as the use of index funds, core-satellite approaches, or overlay funds. Occasionally, methods of controlling downside risk will be considered, for instance using a derivatives strategy or a dynamic hedging strategy.

The directory of investment strategy conferences lists events that are open to all pensions and investment professionals. It does not include those investment strategy conferences organised by investment banks, open only to their own clients.

In order to see the full list of leading asset allocation and strategy conferences, you can either view all asset allocation conferences, or visit our full investment conference listings. You will then be presented with search filters, enabling you to refine your search by country, by city, or by sub-topic.

Typically, conferences of this nature will attract a wide range of delegates: representatives of pension funds, endowments, SWFs and other asset owners; asset allocators, CIOs, global debt and equity fund managers and investment analysts; investment consultants and other service providers.

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