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The Fund Management Conferences Directory allows you to identify the world’s leading conferences for investment managers.

These conferences will be of particular interest to CIOs, Asset Allocators, Portfolio Managers, Analysts and Traders. The database of fund management conferences is provided by Savvy Investor, the world’s leading knowledge network for institutional investors.

To access the entire database of fund management events, use the search box above. This will reveal search options to allow you to filter by country, city, or by sub-topic – even if you don’t enter a specific keyword.

Institutional Fund Management conferences cover a wide variety of topics, including many different aspects of the investment process. This includes asset allocation, stock selection, currency management, ESG, and trading/execution. A large number of event organisers operate in this field, including ICBI, CFA, Incisive Media and others.

If you are a conference producer, and would like your event to appear in the conference listings, please get in touch to feature your conference.

In addition to the Global Directory of Fund Management Conferences, Savvy Investor also serves as a huge reference hub for asset management research, with a particular emphasis on the various aspects of the investment process. The Savvy Research Library contains well over 12,000 white papers, all free for members to access.

The investment process embodies the framework, policies and principles that are used by fund managers to manage the assets under their stewardship. Research papers on the Savvy Investor site cover manager selection, strategic and tactical asset allocation, quantitative processes, equity and fixed income portfolio management, currency management, and deal execution. Each of these topics have their own dedicated section on the site, under the general umbrella of white papers on the investment process.

To find research covering a specific topic, enter your search terms in to the box above, click “search” and then select the tab for “articles and white papers”.

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